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Dear respected patrons and well-wishers of Assisi English Medium School,

We live in an independent and composite world that is changing at an exceptional Pace, preparing our children in this defying environment. Indeed, it requires a special effort that can turn learning into a life long journey of enquiry and discovery, resulting in knowledge that forms the base of growth and development as in the era of knowledge and skill-based competition.

Children are the future makers of the nation. They must be shaped in such a way that the society may trust them. School is the place where basic learnings are imparted to students. Assisi English Medium school give great importance for inculcating students to develop their, physical, mental and spiritual dimension of personality. The school of the firm opinion that, a sound, moral, cultural and physical training is important as academic and scholastic instruction in preparing students for their role in life. Hence much importance is attributed to games, sports and physical education.

School is not merely a building, furniture and staffs but it the students who complete the existence of school. Teachers are the most influential people in the lives of young children whatever teaching they give to their students they follow them. So I want to make an appeal to respectable fraternity of academic staff that never let down the honor shown to us by the society to lead the nation by making your students a honorable citizen of the country.

We wish bright future to all our students.

May God bless you all with peace and prosperity and reward your noble actions with unending bliss.

Warm regards.

Fr. Saji John